Shriner / Lindorff / Lindorff - Kenmore / Lindorff Exchange CS

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Shriner / Lindorff / Lindorff - Kenmore / Lindorff Exchange CS

KENMORE / LINDORFF EXCHANGE marks two collaborations from 2009: one pairs New Orleans-based radio producer and DJ Joe Shriner with multimedia artist Evan Lindorff-Ellery, based in Kingston, NY; the other features Lindorff-Ellery and Gary Lindorff, an author and poet living in Vermont. Though performed and recorded independently, these two pieces share a common approach; they are informed by the specific acoustic environments in which they were made and exhibit an ambiguous passion for the liminal space between interior and exterior, both psychologically and literally.

The title of KENMORE EXCHANGE refers to two locations on Kenmore Avenue in Chicago. Using a shoebox cassette recorder, Shriner captured various sounds at DePaul University’s Lincoln Park campus. In the basement of a building that has since been razed, he recorded himself playing a persistent F minor chord on one the school's practice room pianos, enclosed by brightly-lit concrete walls and a single window. In Lindorff-Ellery’s airy apartment (five windows total) six miles due north, the two manipulated these tapes along with field recordings Evan made as he biked between the university and his home.

LINDORFF EXCHANGE is a document of Lindorff-Ellery and Lindorff's late afternoon, mid-winter experience in a cabin in the Vermont woods. No artificial lights were used in the creation of this aural portrait, and each lighted and diffused section of the cabin became darker as the recording continued; needless to say the objects merged with each other. Somehow, very faint classical music appeared on this recording, and there may or may not have been post-production tape manipulation. What we have is what we’ve got.

Evan and Joe

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