Lorenzo Abattoir - "Ostensione" CD

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Lorenzo Abattoir - "Ostensione" CD

"Ostensione is the act of showing or demonstrating something that it usually can't be shown. Something that is not visible or tangible

Inspired by the automatic drawing techniques of Austin Osman Spare and other magical practices."

Michele Anelli, Double Bass / track 1
Vertical piano samples / track 3
Field recordings inside old elevators / track 4
Matches, coal, incense / track 3 & 6

The main material was recorded between years 2018 / 2020 as part of some darkroom meditation sessions with a tape recorder for the blind (APH), edited in a private home studio in Torino, Italy

Layout by Shea Hardacre Design

Mastered by Guillermo Pizarro

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