TARAB - "Apophenia" CD

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TARAB - "Apophenia" CD

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To make APOPHENIA I have borrowed sounds made by people and some by things; some sounds I initiated myself.
All sounds collected 2012-19. Arranged and de-arranged 2016-19.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

Elements of this piece first appeared on the Aposiopèse compilation VIII. Sounds were then borrowed, discarded and re-arranged into a mix for the Ears Have Ears radio program (RIP). Further additions and subtractions were made, and over time it all de-arranged into the form it is in here. Thank you: air conditioning units, bicarb soda, malfunctioning white goods, alleyways, constructions sites, trains, escalators, plastic bags, hollow vessels, floor boards and empty rooms. Thank you: Andre Piguet, Matthew Davis, Emily Jones, Helki Sprod, Simon Whetham, Pierre Judon, Scarlett Di Maio, Brooke Olsen, Juniper Good-Knight, LLara Goodall, Carey Knight, Leon Van De Graaf, Julian Hocking, Michael Prior, David Prescott-Steed, Thomas Tilly, Francisco Meirino.

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