Katharina Schmidt - "Echography" CD

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Katharina Schmidt - "Echography" CD

An echo involves both repetition and deconstruction: In the Classical myth, Echo isn’t merely imitating Narcissus but also answering him; the radiologic technique of echography uses the reflections of ultrasound to reveal deep structures. Similarly, each track on Echography responds to a single field recording, a distinct sonic impulse which is absorbed, refracted and deconstructed through an arsenal of effects and software patches. Yet, the characteristics of the original recordings can be traced throughout and determine the sonic shape of the responses they provoke. As the source material is dismantled, augmented and recomposed, the music is sounding out latent structures and concealed meaning.

The result is a set of five distinct sonic topographies, sceneries of subtle difference, gradual changes, grainy textures and, occasionally, harsh contrasts.

In the cool dark of these spacious ambiences, Echography ponders time, intimacy, and mortality. Earnest and ruminative, this record is a soundtrack for long nights and somber times.
released July 25, 2022

Katharina Schmidt is a musician based in Berlin.

Artwork & Layout by S. Hardacre Design

Mastering by Guillermo Pizarro

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